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UFOIC history roll call - the early years (1954-1969)

I joined UFOIC as a country member in 1969. Looking back over its early years the group's history can be fleshed out through its publications and other primary source material. I have had the opportunity to meet some of the people involved in this early era over the years, including Michael Duggan, Fred Phillips, Bill Moser, Nevill Drury and Tas Homan.

I have listed some of the key people from this early period of UFOIC. While some may have passed away I would be grateful if anyone can advise me of details about any of them or any others:

Andrew Tomas
Dr. W.P. Clifford
Michael Duggan
Fred Phillips
Dr. Miran Lindtner
David Moore
John Matasin
Tas V. Homan
Harry O'Brien
George Tararin
Mel Woods
Mr. Mueller-Sorau
Jack Thomas
John Derry
Judith Croser
Dr. J. Greenwell
T.W. Dutton
Noel Wheeler
Mr. J. Gjerki
Ken Hatton
Jack Kunst
John Mats
Mr. P.A. Edwards
Mr. S. Belin
Mr. E. Sayers
Dr. Don Herbison Evans
Mr. R. De Cusack
Mr. J. Blattman


Blogger Bill Chalker said...

I have gather considerable material on a number of people on this list, including Andrew Tomas, Miran Lindtner, Tas Homan, Don Herbinson Evans. I have personally interviewed or met Michael Duggin, Fred Phillips, Tas Homan and Don Herbison Evans. I recently spoke with Veronica Blattman, John Blattman's widow. John passed away in 1989. He had an active role in UFOIC, joining in the 1960s. His interest was sparked after he had his own UFO sighting while working as a signalman on the railway. A number of the group meetings were held at their residence in Wentworthville. Mrs. Blattman recollected that John had picked up Dr, Allen Hynek at the airport during his 1973 visit to Sydney.
Bill Chalker

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